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  1. Hi there, I received a pingback in my blog’s comments in connection with a blog: Helmet law leads to drop in bike-related injuries. I am very interested in your research and what you have to say. Would you be interested in writing a point-by-point easy-to-understand blog about cycle helmet wearing for my website? email me at fionaoutdoors@gmail.com

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to put something like that together. It does seem like a good idea though. If I do put something together in the future, I’d probably post it to my blog, but you’d be welcome to repost it to yours.

    One problem with such a post is length and ease of understanding. Last year I wrote a peer-reviewed conference paper to address some of the issues usually presented by anti-helmet advocates. It quickly ballooned into 20 pages and I didn’t address each issue in much depth.

    I’ve co-authored several peer-reviewed papers on cycling safety (mostly about helmets, but not all) and you can access them at the links below (most are not behind a pay wall).


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